Silvia Sound Updates

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Oct 142019

The major change to mention is that Jonathan Silvia is no longer teaching private voice lessons nor accepting new offers of musical work. See this facebook post for more details.

Due to this, Jonathan’s information has been disabled for the time being.

At this point, only represents the Silvia Sound Piano Studio. Now that Jonathan is focusing on a programming career (and not doing music full time) a full refresh of the website may happen, to better represent Sarah’s piano studio. This should happen sometime within the next year.

The other thing to mention is that the last time there was any hope of an update on this website was over 4 years ago. We had contacted a website developer at the time, and it looked promising, but then the developer went AWOL.

Since then, was launched and then put on hiatus, there were several Seattle Opera appearances, Sarah’s piano studio has grown and had many recitals, and so much more!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember that you can find more up-to-date information at, and especially our Fons page,

Website Update!

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Aug 142013

A year later, and a smidgen of progress has been made! Events on the Silvia Sound facebook page have been linked with the Calendar widget to the right. Next will be to get the main feed to sync, if such a thing is even possible.

Jun 112012

Hello and welcome to Silvia Sound! The site is being rebuilt using WordPress, but naturally there is a learning curve. Content is forthcoming, however! Stay tuned as the site develops!

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