Lesson Payments


Payment Information

Silvia Sound no longer accepts checks or cash as payment for lessons. Payment is now handled exclusively through the service Fons. You can find Silvia Sound on Fons through its marketplace site.

Piano lessons are paid using a subscription model – one fee charged on the first of every month. This is an all-inclusive fee for all lessons, as well as all canceled lessons, and does not change based on the number of lessons in the month. The price automatically assumes that some lessons will be canceled throughout the year, both by the client and by Silvia Sound.

The subscription continues through the summer for those who wish to continue lessons in the fall. Lesson times are offered throughout the summer for those who wish to take advantage of their subscription.

Fons automatically charges the subscription using a payment method of the client’s choice: ACH Debit from a checking account, a debit card, or a credit card. It uses a secure PCI compliant payment system, used and trusted by many professional merchants such as Kickstarter, NPR, Etsy, Unicef, Best Buy, and many more.

In addition to handling payment, Fons also handles the scheduling of lessons.

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