Jonathan and Sarah Silvia provide a variety of musical services through their music. Listed below are a few ways we can fit your need:

  • Recitals
  • Recording
  • Church Services and Choral Work
  • Weddings
  • Funerals and Memorials
  • Accompaniment


  • If you have a recital coming, read on! Sarah and Jonathan would love to be part of it!
  • Sarah is an accomplished accompanist for instrumental, vocal, and chamber ensembles.
  • If you have a selection that requires a certain voice type, Jonathan would be happy to sing for your piece! A song cycle for bass or baritone, or for lower voice, is perfect.
  • Composers, let us premier your music! We would love to be part of your composition recital!
  • Conductors, a voice and/or piano are essential elements to your recitals!
  • Jonathan and Sarah love to work together! If you have an event coming up where a recital would be appropriate, let us collaborate with you to create a performance to your tastes. Pick the theme and we can help you develop the program.

Some examples:

  • A Christmas party with a selection of solo arrangements of familiar and new carols, mixed with some sing-along carols. Here are a couple custom-designed programs, developed for local house-parties:

    Christmas Program John Doe 2008.doc

    Christmas Program John Doe 2007.doc

  • An Independence Day celebration with music from American composers; featuring selections by Copland, Gershwin, etc.
  • A French art song recital, mixed in with a five-course meal of French cuisine.
  • Period parlor songs to commemorate the anniversary of an historic building.
  • Opera arias and Italian song to accompany your Italian dinner.
  • And so on!
  • Rates are negotiatable, depending on amount of music and preparation required.


Professionally recorded for movie sound tracks, professional choral CDs, audition submissions, and more, Jonathan and Sarah are perfect for your next project. Both have strong reading skills and are sensitive to ensemble, key components to a successful recording session.

Rates are negotiable, depending on hours of recording time and preparation required.

Church Services and Choral Work

Jonathan and Sarah have been making music in church together since they first met. Both may be available for step in for your church service, whether it is a special service (with special music!) or a need for a last minute substitute (preferably not too last minute, of course).

Jonathan has been a professional church and choral musician for the last decade. Singing as a “ringer” and as a soloist, he has been a regular with church choirs and community choirs in the region. His experience covers a wide variety of liturgical styles, and he has performed choral literature in a professional setting of every difficulty and compositional style. As a soloist he has performed both masterworks with choir and orchestra and solo pieces with only a piano or organ.

Sarah is frequently requested by churches in the area to play service music, usually on piano but occasionally on the organ. Her sight-reading skills have earned her a sturdy reputation. She is also known to bring out her trained soprano voice occasionally, preferably with her husband in the bass section!

Both Jonathan and Sarah are regular attendees at church, and prefer to worship together. Due to performing schedules and existing regular commitments, playing and singing weekly on Sunday mornings is problematic, but Jonathan and Sarah are available as substitutes, even frequent substitutes.

Estimated rates are approximately $75 per service for a singer for choral work, and $100 for solo work. Large masterworks and featured solos are more. Rehearsals are approximately $50 per rehearsal hour. For a church pianist, rates are approximately $100 for the first service, and an additional $50-75 for every service and rehearsal beyond the first. All rates are subject to change based on distance, duration, preparation required, difficulty, etc.


“Exactly the way I wanted it.” (see vendor entry at:

Whether the need is for a singer or a pianist, Sarah and Jonathan can provide music for your wedding and wedding events. Let us help you in your celebration!

Wedding service music can use either Jonathan or Sarah solo, both together, or a mix. For receptions, Sarah is generally the best choice for reception music in classical style.

Basic rates are approximately:

$200 for a soloist, including 1-3 selections for use at points in the wedding service.

For a pianist for the wedding service, the basic fare is $300, including the rehearsal dinner, prelude, postlude, processionals, recessionals, miscellaneous service music and accompaniments.

Reception music on piano is $100 for the first hour and $75 for every hour thereafter, inclusive of a 10 minute break after each segment 30-35 miutes of playing time.

All rates are subject to change based on distance, duration, preparation, difficulty, etc.

Funerals & Memorials

For times of remembrance, sometimes music touches the spirit in ways that words cannot. With a carefully chosen piece of music, a memorial will feel just “right.”

Basic rates are approximately:

$100 for a singer, including ~2 small pieces for a service about an hour long or less.

$200 for a service pianist/accompanist, including prelude, postlude, miscellaneous service music and accompaniment.

All rates are subject to change based on distance, duration, preparation, difficulty, etc.


Sarah is in high demand as an accompanist! More information can be found on her Accompaniment page.

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